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Kaylee Frye

Ship's Mechanic

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  • strawberry_luve@livejournal.com
Hey! My name's Kaylee Frye and I'm the mechanic on Serenity. She's a Firefly and the prettest darn ship in the 'verse, too. I have a bio over at Wiki, I think that's t'name, if ya wanna read, but I gotta get goin' cause I wanna visit Simon before Cap yells at me to get back t'work...

Bye! *waves*

[OOC: This Kaylee is played in the still_flying_hi community and does visit the lunatic_cafe on occasion. Everything this Kaylee writes will be as close to canon of the comm still_flying_hi as possible because if not it will break my brain. And a special thanks to my dear friend Nic for the paid account for Kaylee. *hugs tight* That is all.]

[Disclaimer: I am not Kaylee Frye (duh whole point is she is a fictional character) and I am not Jewel Staite. Firefly/Serenity belong to the genius that is Joss Whedon and Jewel Staite belongs to herself. Oh, and please don't sue me. I can't pay my bills as it is....]